University History

Dezful Medical Faculty initially admitted 30 students in 1372who were considered as a quota for this faculty. However, this quota was canceled due to lack of educational facilities at the faculty after 3 years. Later, Dezful Medical Faculty admitted students through the university entrance examination, but the admitted students studied at Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences and Health Services of Ahwaz. The procedure continued until 1386 (2007), when the Faculty of Emergency Medicine officially and physically began its activity with the admittance of 60 undergraduate students at the Faculty of Emergency Medicine in Dezful.

In 1387(2008), the center succeeded in obtaining the principled consent for the license of the Faculty of Medical Sciences as an independent educational, research and therapeutic unit and managed to admit 90 students through the university entrance examination for all three fields of study including the bachelor of laboratory, nursing and anesthesiology. This college was awarded a medical license in 1391(2012), and in the year 2012along with the second round of provincial travel of the Presidency and the Supreme Board of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, initial studies were launched to examine the upgrade of the faculty to the University of Medical Sciences, and with the establishment of 3 Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Para medicine and Medicine, as well as the training of the Dezful Hospital and the establishment of specialized ICUs (NICUs), Dialysis, MRI, Spiral CT Scan, Angiography and Physical Growth And increasing educational and research facilities in 2013  Dezful Faculty of Medical Sciences was upgraded to Dezful University of Medical Sciences.

One of the major achievements of the University in 1397(2018) was to obtain the approval of the internal assistant of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, which is the advent of graduate level at the university level. In 2018, the University of Dezful received a license to conduct the OSCE test for clinical competency testing and has achieved significant success in the field of basic science and pre-internship tests in the last few years.

At present, the University of Medical Sciences has three faculties of medicine, nursing and midwifery and active paramedics, which educates 6 undergraduate bachelor's degree courses, undergraduate laboratory, laboratory bachelor's degree, bachelor's degree in pharmacy, bachelor's degree in nursing and general medicine. The outcome of the graduate program in admitting postgraduate level students has been 10 students  in nursing and paramedical sciences in 1397 (2018). At present, the potential of students enrolled in the university is over 1,000 students.


Developmental stages of the university in accordance with health goals

1993: Faculty of Medicine

2007: Faculty of Emergency Medicine

2008: became Independent from Ahvaz university of medical sciences

2012: Admission of the first course of medical students independently

2013: Upgrade to university

2016: Entry of the first medical students to the practice stage

2017: preparing the preliminaries of establishing new fields of studies and obtaining a license for admission of postgraduate students.

2017: obtaining  permission license for the internship, holding two Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) at the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery.


Geographical area covered by Dezful University of Medical Sciences.

The population covered by the Dezful Medical Sciences University is about 10,000 square kilometers, equivalent to 15 percent of the total area of the Khuzestan province, and is estimated to be around 720,000 according to official statistics based on population and housing census results. The population in 3 cities, Dezful 443971, Shoush 205,720 and Gotvand 65,468 are included in this area. The area covered by the university is located in the geographic location at the northern end of Khuzestan province. However, unofficially, the university and its treatment centers currently have supported a population of about 1.2 million people from neighboring cities, such as Andimeshk, Shushtar, and even from neighboring provinces such as Ilam province and cities such as Dehloran .


The university and its subsidiary health centers also provide comprehensive health services during the mournful march of Arbaeen Hosseini, and are provided to those deployed in the form of a traveling caravan in the southern regions of the country every year.


The existing higher education centers, in the area of health and caring protection of Dezful University of Medical Sciences.

Dezful University of Medical Sciences and Health Services

Jundi-Shapur University of Technology, Dezful

 Islamic Azad University of Dezful

Teacher Training Center of Shahid Rajaee, Dezful

 Teacher Training Center of Khadijeh Kobra Dezful

Dezful Payam Noor University

Dezful Applied Science Center

Islamic Azad University, Shoush Branch

Payam Noor University of shoush

Payam Noor University of Gotvand

 Gotvand Islamic Azad University